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Fairy Tail is AWESOME!!
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:iconjuviasrevenge: :iconfairytailtraditional: :iconzeref-fans: :iconfairytail-fanclub:
There won't be much Art coming from me besides AFT, after this schedule is through.
I want to try and keep doing random fun stuff, maybe even some Memes or anything that might be fun.
Always open to ideas for fanart though.




A DAY WITH YOU and one short comic.
Cover: Cover - A Day With You by passion00

09/21/15 DAY OFF
I'm having an important day then, I'll be off having some sort of test (which will decide part of my personal future too hahaha yay...)

STOP THE RAIN and some additional short comics revolving around them.
Cover: Cover - Stop the Rain by passion00

12/24/15 HOLIDAY
12/25/15 HOLIDAY

I'll make sure to wish you a merry Christmas though... he.

12/31/12 DAY OFF
Gonna celebrate new years just like a normal person, or at least I'll try to.

2016 is going to be very busy for me, so I'll put a hold onto a lot of stuff going on then.


passion00's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
Fairy Tail Addict

Just ask me.

Other informations:
- My gallery is steadily changing, so if pieces are missing; I probably deleted them.
- I am a traditional/digital artist; I use mainly Ballpoint Pen (sometimes Copic Markers) and Photoshop
- I am currently studying Japanese for myself
- I love milk, cats and music
- My age is a secret, only some of my friends on here know it
- Yes, I am a girl/woman
- I work from 3 to 6 days a week and come home around 8 p.m. so I can't be online everyday
- I love Anime/Manga, but I also learned how to draw more realistic
- Don't say I am talented, there is a lot I can't do and I am useless at
- I love to help others improve, so if you wanna know something, maybe I can help?

Art... by prosaixI Suck at Drawing Backgrounds by MelissaDaltonART stamp by TProdNumber 1 Rule of Being a Religious Extremist by endler

My first friends on DA:



You should check out these people. (Because they are artists I look up to or they are my super awesome friends,
so check them out, you hear me? >:c)
:icon19yuki97: :iconartistminchen::iconzippi44::iconalina-chan::iconpolaara::icondarkdashy::iconmyabtus::iconmanzr::iconr-a-ven::iconperfectlyhappy::iconlordkronosbg::icondanchoou::iconnarusaku6666::iconxiafei::iconjuviaaa::iconozyl-chan::icontelemaniakk::iconnick-ian::iconchengggg::iconprettylittlewolf::iconeternajehuty::iconarya-aiedail::iconbludy-chu::iconshumijin::iconescria::iconaniteen9:

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:iconlaughsplz::iconsparklingedwardplz::icondojimaangryplz:SQUISHY Baekhyun by The-RmickeyCreepy stare by ZoraSteam
Danisnotonfire 7 by FlynnuxOur God is an Awesome God by ZoraSteamFT NFL - Scared Natsu Emoti by Maryenne042Big Fool Emoji-12 (Pervy Flirt) [V2] by Jerikuto


No comment, just thought it could be fun to do this again.
Tag by :iconnarusaku6666:

> Favorite Video Game?
This one is harsh. I am a huge fan of the Tales series, Assassins Creed, Final Fantasy but also play Dark Souls and Bloodborne.

> Do you play any Final Fantasy (if so which is your fav?)
I love FFIX, FFX and of course FFVII, also I really enjoyed FFXIII (only the first one, the rest was meh in my opinion)

> Favorite Youtube channel?
Too many to name here, but I could die for multiple drawing YouTube channels, but I also enjoy Matthew Santoro, he has interesting videos about weird, surprising and amazing things.
Also, when it comes to entertainment I prefer to watch PewDiePie and Markiplier just for the laughs. Music would be GlitchxCity when I feel the need of remixes (also Maikel, he makes awesome Nightcores) and otherwise I like WatchMojo, various Vevo Channels and BestAmv'sofalltime (not sure if I spelled it right, the names pretty long and single letters are capital ones others are not)

> Any pets?
Two cats, one Siamese and one Oriental Shorthair. (First one is white and brown, the second one is gray)

> Favorite Season?
Spring and Autumn, I am such a boring character, I don't like hardcore hahaha...

> If you could choose between becoming a God or a God Slayer which would you go with?
Duh, a God of course. I mean, I could do anything then. A Slayer can... well slay them. Not much fun eh?

> Which of 5 senses can you live without?
My sense of smell. Yes. I wouldn't feel like vomiting when I stand next to cheese anymore.

> Favorite character ever? (From anything)
That's harsh, I don't know.
I mean, there are too many to choose from. Can I combine them all in one? Pretty please? No? Okay...
Then I'll just choose the one I saw just recently; Ashitaka from Princess Mononoke. I mean, common, he's badass.
If that doesn't count I'll just go with Natsu, cause he's the one I can actually draw without reference (YAY).
Gray and Erza are awesome too, though. (I mean, there it begins, I could list the entire cast of each and every anime I ever watched, 'cause I love them all)

> Cake or ice cream?

> Writing or drawing?

Other Questions:

> What's your favourite anime?
Pretty difficult actually. Right now I am watching Fairy Tail more often again, since the new episodes are out and all. But I also love Bleach, One Piece, Sword Art Online, Naruto, Blue Exorcist, To Aru Majutsu no Index, Soul Eater, Attack on Titan, Tokyo Ghoul, Nanatsu no Taizai and many more.

> What's your favourite TV series?

Well, I never watch TV so I don't really have one.

> Have you ever read or watched Noragami?

Yes, I have. Both in fact. It's an amazing series.

> What's your favourite Pokémon?
Gosh, that's probably Lucario. I mean, he's just cool. (Mew is my favourite legendary though. The cuteness is just too strong.)

> If you could choose a element that represents you, what would it be?

Oh, I was told that blue really suits me and in my primary school days I always was water, so it would be water again now. Calm, yet if angered really dangerous. That really fits me, I guess.

> Your Top 3 Pairings are...?
I'll start with NatsuxLucy I suppose, go on with JellalxErza and then probably with GrayxJuvia and GajeelxLevy together on the third spot.

> Choose one mythical beast you'd be. Why did you choose this creature?
Dragon. That's pretty much the easiest, because I love fire. I love red, yellow and orange. The warmth that surrounds these colors is just what draws me to it and dragons represent fire, and therefore these colors, ever since there were stories about them. Even though over time, dragons have been given more and more crazy abilities, the fire breathing dragon will always be there.

> Choose one super power. What would you do with it?
I'd love to fly. Or float... whatever. I just wanna see the world from above. Even if I just go to the bakery across the street, I'd love to float over the building for a few seconds, before getting my bread. That sounds pretty creepy thinking about it hahahaha.

> Say "I love ......" in your native language.
That's... that's a good one really. Alright, here goes nothing!
I speak two native "languages", if you want to be very exact about it.
For once, German, as many know: "Ich liebe Katzen." Translated: "I love cats."
And the Swiss German (some say, it's even more difficult than German, even though German is already pretty hard, but that depends on the person), but anyway... it would look like this: "I lieb musig." Translated: "I love music."

> What's your favourite animal?

I didn't even read the last question, so I practically answered it already with Nr.9. What a coincidence though...

And that was it!
Schös wocheend no!
Translated: Have a nice weekend!

- passion
Guess what I am late yet again. AdwY will still take some time. I'll upload more preview on tumblr this evening though.
A Day with you - Preview by passion00
A Day with you - Preview
1 Page cause I am running low on energy drinks ha. I need sleep right now, I've been working the entire week  and drawing as soon as I got home... (except for monday, but then I needed to clean the house :P man)

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